01           ‘PLM’ chair by Michael Boyer, vintage
02           LS ANGLE handle, white
03           ‘Alabaster mini orb’ by Allied Maker
04           LS CLOUD knob, white
05           Studio Lotta Agaton
06           LS CLOUDY GREY, terrazzo tray
07           ‘Sam son’ chair by Konstantin Grcic for Magis
08           ‘Giro’ by Pedro Paulo-Venzon Viccarbe
09           LS HIDE handle, white
10           LS JEY + JEY2 handle, white
11           LS CLOUD knob, white


Always crisp + refreshing, white is a constant in most of our spaces and can seamlessly work with many interior palettes. Here a selection of white pieces, including across our LS range, is curated with dreamy sculptural curves and opposing long linear lines. No matter your preference, we have a great range of white pieces to work with your project.

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